What Higher Education is to Me

I'm in college in the year 2013, man... Being a college student, it's a bit weird to see my friends and others alike "making" it by skipping college and going to work. Has college lost it's worth? Is it really just pointless? Ever since I've started college, it's has been a constant tie between my friends who are for or against college and it's just constantly nagging in the back of my mind. Am I doing what is best for me? Am I on the right path? I've come to a common decision in my mind, not going for either side specifically. Maybe it's a blend of the best.

Do what is right for me.

I'm not saying to explicitly leave college and join the startup world nor am I saying that you should stay in college. It stems further from that. Back some time ago, college was seen as a way to perfect your studies for a specific line of work. You would go to college, study and eventually graduate to enter the work world. A set path that has worked for millions of people and will probably continue to do so. However, many people have gone onto a different path, skipping college all together. This may or may not have worked for them, though. There's no guarantee that either way will prove beneficial.

However, there is one thing that needs to stay constant in both paths of decision: the constant yearn for education and discovery. College can prove to be a way for people to discover new topics and to perfect their education. They want to learn more and more about their field so they can one day get a job and take home a pay check. But there is one thing that can make a striking difference after they graduate, continuing to learn. For those who don't take the college path, they don't have much of a choice. They must learn a lot to perfect their resume to get a job. After that, who knows if they're going to research at all. Continuing to learn and discover new topics and aspects of your field (and life in general) is something I feel is very important to life.

Instead of growing old and becoming set in our ways and routines, learning is always something that will bring new ideas to the table. Topics that are hot off the press can be fun topics to dabble in instead of constantly using the same old tools day in and day out. Learning about new ideas can also spark some creativeness in your mind that you thought you didn't have. Maybe an idea will spur out of a though, an idea the next project to work on. Maybe even that idea will turn into a company one day?

As you can see in this post's title, "higher education" doesn't always mean that it's college and doesn't always mean that it's dropping out. I feel that higher education is achieved by those who study their field of work creatively and constantly. Instead of working for a degree or for a specific job description, always be thirty for more knowledge.

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