Open Sourcing Continues

When I originally worked on this code for Teens in Tech, I never imagined that I could give it back to the community. Version after version, bugs were crushed and some features were added. With this latest release, one crucial bug was fixed that will allow for proper support of up to 80% of web installations. Some users weren’t able to use the plugin before due to their hosting setup, but now that has been fixed for the most part. Lockdown WP Admin 1.8.

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Lockdown WP Admin 1.7 Released!

In light of a recent blog post about stats that were collected previously with this plugin, I’d like to express a few things.

Several users were having issues with getting the hidden path setup. These were only temporarily put in so we could have an understanding of the issues that user’s are having. They were just taken out in 1.7.

Nothing was violated. WordPress sends anonymous stats to the with your version information, plugin information, etc. These were never leaked, even though there was nothing vital that was collected. They just collected a permalink structure, WordPress version and the login base that was used. We never collected the admin’s personal information.

But again, these are removed now. Update to 1.7.

You can download 1.7 now, virus free.

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Lockdown WP Admin 1.3.1

This release is coming a great new feature. For a while, people have attempted to change their WordPress login URL (the little URL). But it wasn’t easy, you had to massively change file names and the core WordPress (a big no-no!) Well, I have made it simple. Introducing Lockdown WP Admin 1.3.1.

You can change the login URL to whatever URL you want it to be. There is no limit. (Well there is, you can’t have wp-admin or wp-content but that’s understandable!) And once you enable that part of the plugin, you can no longer access wp-login.php directly. It will return a 404, or a file not found. All the URLs and links to it will be rewritten, and if you don’t give the URL out, nobody will know your login URL.

If you change the URL to say “login”, your login URL page will be

You can download the updated plugin at Enjoy!

UPDATE: I just pushed out 1.3.5. There was an issue with WordPress installs with a non-root location. Thanks!!


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