Lockdown WP Admin 1.2

I just wanted to let you know that I pushed out Lockdown WP Admin 1.2 yesterday and Istrongly urge you to update. It is a very critical security update and without it, your site may be at risk. I also threw in some code optimizations so it may run a few ms faster! (#nerdlife)

Please, please, please update to Version 1.2 as soon as you can. You can visit the Lockdown WP Admin page on WordPress.org or you can update it straight in WordPress via the Plugin Updater.

Thank you for using this software and I would love to hear feedback from you!


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Lockdown WP Admin

Are you doing the best for your business?

My name is Sean Fisher and I am a software developer and consultant. Coming from years of experience with WordPress and other software, I can help your business in the best way possible. You may view a sample of my work in my portfolio. I would love to hear from you and learn how I can help you today.

WordPress security is often very strong straight out of the box. Though many may say that open-source software is insecure, I beg to differ. Within hours of realizing a security breach in the code, WordPress and mostly @nacin had updated the code and pushed a security update. That's hours, not days like the big corporate companies (cough Adobe).

Nevertheless, I love to make it even more secure. And I think I have done that. Introducing Lockdown WP Admin. It is a neat plugin to help you lock down WordPress’s admin interface.

It can do two things, one hide the WordPress admin interface from non logged-in users and provide built in HTTP Authentication. By hiding the WP admin interface, if you access domain.com/wp-admin/, you wouldn’t be redirected to the login page if you weren’t logged in. Instead, you would recieve a 404 File not Found error.

HTTP Authentication is a secure way to provide security to your WordPress install. You can control this in two ways. It can ask for your WordPress login credentials, or you can create your set of custom user/passwords. This way, you can have a double your chances of an unauthorized user from accessing your WordPress admin interface. Over at @teensintech, we used this when we have out authors login with their own WordPress credentials and then they must login with another set of username/passwords to be twice as secure. That may not be the best practice possible, but I think it decreases my chance of brute force attack.

You can download the latest version at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/lockdown-wp-admin/. I’d also love if you can support me and my other plugins by donating!

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Websites are Social

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The internet is growing at a lighthing fast pace. Web Applications come and go each day, and user accounts are often a large part of these applications. Making it easy for a user to signup for your website is often a difficult decision. Make another login for your user or allow your user to connect to your site with a Social Network.

The rise of social network logins have grown tremendiously. Facebook Connect is one option, with the familiar “Login with Facebook” button. Another option is the newer Twitter @Anywhere connect buttons popping up as well.

I for one is very happy to see this. It makes that Facebook connect button very familiar. But I also fear that this dependence upon Facebook Connect can be unsafe. Unless something else comes up, I really will stick with Facebook Connect, rather than just Twitter Anywhere. The Twitter Anywhere doesn’t really connect well with the SSI code. The back-end code has to setup to receive the oAuth tokens, while the @Anywhere is just different. Maybe it’s a confusion on my end…

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Everybody Should Open Source

You may have noticed that everybody is out to make a buck at all software these days. Look at the Apple App Store, for example. The free apps are nice and all, but some real quality and handy tools, it can only be found in the premium apps (mostly!).

As for web-based software, such as forums and support software, everything is expensive for that one person trying to start a new open-sourced project. They can either take a free project for a support system and get 1999 era quality code and features, or pay $500 for a license at a premium software suite. Free and Open Source code is definitely something that should be used more often, hint this is where I step in.

That new open source project needs some help tracking bugs and new suggestions for its new project. Let’s make it simple and very user-friendly. Working on a name for this endevaor, but I’d love to have some help. I am just a guy that is aiming to give back to a community that has so much amazing, open source software such as WordPress.

Have an idea or would like to get involved? Shoot me a tweet @talkingwithsean or you send me an e-mail at hi@seanfisher.co.

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You can't beat being social.

God, social media it becoming more and more popular each day.

It’s an unavoidable fact. You can use a social networking presence for jobs, friends, and more. That social presence can establish friendships in some pretty neat places, opening up job opportunities and allow you to build your resume even more (you know, that thing people think isn’t important until you get denied a job because of it). Networking efficiently (there are books about it) is key. I just ask one thing of you: talk to Twitter or Tumblr like you would talk to your mother.

Cursing on Facebook? Racist on Twitter? You know, if a job or a college saw that, what would they think?

Speaking of social, you can follow me on Twitter @srtfisher.

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Final Project

Climate Change: it€™s the one topic that everybody knows about but doesn€™t feel like fixing. As experts have put it, it is one of the greatest threats to humanity. It is already having in impact around the globe. Why haven€™t we done anything about it?

In steps Change for Climate, a new organization. We’re aiming to actually do something about the environment. Check us out at http://change.double-designs.com (soon to be located at changeforclimate.org)

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Digital Story #2

Story #2 Narrative :D

You can say I am just a bit nerdy. But the way that the internet has affected me is quite astounding. I really think that it is something I will do in the future. From web sites to full blown web applications, there’s no limit. I also think that I can use the internet, now, to define who I am as a person. By using social networks, you can develop a personal profile. That is, of course, if these sites aren’t blocked (censored!). The internet also allows me to achieve what my school calls a 21st Century Learner. By utilizing modern technoligies, we can get ready for the world and for our future/

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Web Development

The world of website and web development is expanding each and every day at an astounding rate. But there is a difference between Web Design and Web Development. The Design part is (at least in my opinion) the easiest part. Once you make a website from a PSD, it may get tricky. The Development and the coding part (PHP) in my case is difficult a lot of time time. It is the core of the website and it is what makes it dynamic to the user and not just static. A plain, old boring HTML file is in the past. I seldom see them any more. PHP is an amazing language to learn. It powers SO many of the worlds websites, including WordPress, MediaWiki, Joomla!, Drupal, ect. WordPress alone adds MILLIONS of websites. It powers SO may things (CNN, cNET, Fox, ABC, ect). They have an amazing network of people that support it as well. PHP is also thought to power Google as well (with Zend Optimizer to speed things up). If you want to start off with a programming language, that is the place to go.

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