Bulletproof WordPress Live Preview

Completely lockdown and secure your WordPress setup! Provides a number of invaluable features that will make your life better! Provides a large list of security and automation features.

Bulletproof WordPress works with the core WordPress API to provide a UNIQUE way to lockdown and secure your WordPress. The features that are listed below provide a way to secure your WordPress from hackers, users, bots and more! You can never be safe enough when you are dealing with a website of your business or yourself. In a world where millions of sites are hacked per year, Bulletproof WordPress ensures you will be there after each and every hack attempt!

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  • Scan WordPress for security vulnerabilities
  • Completely CHANGE your login URL to WHATEVER you'd like!
  • Hide WordPress admin interface and log when hackers attempt to access it
  • Automatically scan and receive a report of your current security status each week
  • AUTOMATICALLY upgrade your Wordpress and plugins without hitting a single button!
  • Protect against hackers and lockout users after a few login failures!

Plugin works WITHOUT touching any files!

We do not touch WordPress core files to run the program, using only WordPress functionality to make an amazing security plugin for you.

Automatically Update WordPress

Without touching ANYTHING, Bulletproof WordPress will update your WordPress and plugins for you to ensure your receive the maximum security possible! Was a new Wordpress security release put out? Don’t worry, you’re already updated.

Change Login URL

We let you change your login URL to whatever your heart desires. This will make sure hackers cannot find where you should login and cannot attempt to access your system!

Before, you login URL would be http://domain.com/wp-login.php. After using Bulletproof WordPress, it could become http://domain.com/your-own-login-url. Hackers won’t be having fun attempting to access your system!

Hide WordPress Admin and Log Hackers!

We will hide WordPress admin from the public. Anybody who attempts to access it will be logged and you can see who and where your hackers are coming from!

Scan WordPress for Vulnerabilities

Receive an email in your inbox once a week with a summary of the security status of your WordPress site. You will be informed on what you can do to secure your system even MORE.

I wish I had this plugin when I started using WordPress... Sean Fisher, Author of Bulletproof WordPress

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