Everybody Should Open Source

You may have noticed that everybody is out to make a buck at all software these days. Look at the Apple App Store, for example. The free apps are nice and all, but some real quality and handy tools, it can only be found in the premium apps (mostly!).

As for web-based software, such as forums and support software, everything is expensive for that one person trying to start a new open-sourced project. They can either take a free project for a support system and get 1999 era quality code and features, or pay $500 for a license at a premium software suite. Free and Open Source code is definitely something that should be used more often, hint this is where I step in.

That new open source project needs some help tracking bugs and new suggestions for its new project. Let’s make it simple and very user-friendly. Working on a name for this endevaor, but I’d love to have some help. I am just a guy that is aiming to give back to a community that has so much amazing, open source software such as WordPress.

Have an idea or would like to get involved? Shoot me a tweet @talkingwithsean or you send me an e-mail at hi@seanfisher.co.