Open Source Projects

Complete listing can be found on GitHub

Lockdown WP Admin

WordPress Plugin to hide login and admin URLs when not logged into WordPress

Release Tracker

Software Project Release Tracker. Notifies you when your projects get updated.

wp composer

Interface to handle Composer depdencies inside of WordPress (via WP-CLI)


PHP 5.4+ Automatic API Library


Time Iterator to request data for specific intervals of time.

Open Graph Protocol Tools

Namespaced PHP Open Graph Protocol Builder/Fetcher


Sharing the configuration to my setup to help others.

Web Consumer Manager

A management interface to building out web services in Drupal.

CLASS Personal Learning Assessment

An undergraduate research project at NJIT to review a new approach to learning in the classroom.


A Namespaced and PHP 5.4-esq setup to WordPress on the command line. WIP

Visual Data

Add some beauty to visualizing state spending in the United States.

Codeigniter Features

Disable or enable features for users in Codeignite.

Codeigniter Remap

Adding some beauty into CodeIgniter's method names. A rest-ful core plugin that can allow you to make beautiful method names with no PHP-naming limitation.