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An accomplished Software Engineer with heavy experience in full stack development. Has experience building fast and efficient web applications and working collaboratively with a team in software engineering. Currently a software developer at Alley Interactive, working with large media clients to build innovative solutions to their problems. At Alley, I have worked with software stacks such as WordPress and WordPress VIP to build scalable websites with millions of viewers around the world. Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America.


Alley Interactive
Principal Software Developer November 2014 - Present

Alley Interactive is a media focused software development firm specializing in solutions for large media companies. My roles include developing and maintaining various large media sites reaching millions of people each day with technology stacks such as WordPress, WordPress VIP, Drupal etc. Worked with Agile and SCRUM based processes using JIRA and Redmine tools.

Software Developer January 2014 - November 2014

Inheriting a young startup code base, worked to develop and implement development procedures to scale the product team. Built new subscription and social campaign features as well as cleaning up legacy code and optimizing where needed. Transforming the original user facing side of the application into a structured base for building future product features with object oriented programming. Transformed the integration between the front-end and back-end to be dynamic and responsive. Rebuilt large portions of the website to ensure visibility and quality user experience across all devices.

Date Night Is…
Software Developer August 2013 - Present

A complete rewrite and pivot of direction for the product. Developing the entire product to ensure a scalable and responsive end user experience. Pulling in from various providers and abstracting information from each. From there, building out a sorting algorithm to rank each entry with preference to business logic, knowledge about the user, relevancy to the location of the date and the recency to when it was added. After completion of project, reviewing the usage of the MVP to see usage of the product and to tweak where needed.

Software Developer September 2013 - January 2014

Implementing designs into an Angular.js based project. Building the initial stages of the process and ensuring a clean user experience for the various use cases of the product. The dynamic integration between backend and the front end allowed the user to have a real-time interaction with other users of the web service.

TruantToday Inc.
Chief Technology Officer August 2011 - January 2013

Chief Technology Officer for Truant Today, a startup that keeps students in the classroom. Developed the entire web application that allows teachers, school administrators, and other school officials to notify parents/guardians when a student is absent or when other important events have occurred regarding their student. This application works with other School Information Systems, such as Power Schools, to make the experience for teachers as simple as possible. TruantToday competed in the NBC Education Nation Innovation Challenge program in the fall of 2011. TruantToday came in second place, receiving fifteen thousand dollars in prize money. Also completed another small round of funding. TruantToday was also featured in Microsoft’s Public Sector CIO Conference as a prime example of “ed-tech”.

Teens in Tech Labs
Head of Engineering August 2010 - June 2013

Started as a developer and progressed to the Head of Engineering role. Worked to develop Connect, a product that allows for entrepreneurs to “connect” across the world. The application allowed users to work collaboratively and spark a conversation with others. Also developed an Incubator program which is used as a tool to incubate and grow new startups. We worked with various heads of industry from large technology companies, such as Google and PayPal, to teach the young entrepreneurs the skills they need for success. An annual Teens in Tech Conference was held in Washington and was attended by business leaders as well as representatives from Congress and the White House.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Researcher, CLASS Project

Worked on the Provost’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program that dealt with finding a more effective way of teaching students in a classroom. Instead of just learning from one source–that being the instructor, the CLASS method takes a different approach. By utilizing the shared knowledge pool of the classroom by asking questions and learning from one another, students become peer mentors utilizing self evaluation to make the classroom environment better. During the summer research program, a prototype was built to facilitate the development of the CLASS program for the instructors and the students.

Open Source Projects

Lockdown WP Admin Built atop WordPress, hides and secures the administration interface from those who shouldn’t have access to it.

Drupal Web Consumer Module A module that will allow developers to extend it and build on various APIs with ease.

wp-composer A dependency management tool for WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes.

wp-rest-api A RESTful API built for use over WordPress

time-iterator Time Iterator to request data for specific intervals of time.

automatic PHP 5.4+ API Library

CodeIgniter Feature Library Allow an application to use feature buckets to allow/disallow access to various features in their application

CodeIgniter Remap Transformed an older framework to use RESTful Controller Naming Conventions.


Web Application Development​ Worked to develop applications using a LAMP stack and other technologies including Redis, Memcache and MongoDB. By using unit tests, testing the application and building new features is simple and less problematic. Oversaw the development of applications from initial concept to applications receiving thousands of hits per day. Using A/B testing, determined which aspects of the application would provide more sales and were more effective overall.

RESTful APIs​ Experience includes building out a REST API as well as using REST APIs including Twilio, Clever, Twitter, Facebook (now deprecated) among others. Building an API is interesting in that you have to provide the data from your application to the consumer and still scale properly. While tuning the backend to better perform under load, we heavily cached data to help decrease the load on the MySQL Server.

Framework and Test Driven Development​ While building various applications, I have used various frameworks to help aid in the development. To name a few, some frameworks like CodeIgniter, Kohana, FuelPHP and Laravel were used. These frameworks provided methods to help rapidly build out the application as well as add new features later on. With the addition of new features, unit tests were essential and helped make development easier for the team as well as helping me sleep better at night.


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