Roadtrip 2014

For the last few years, the idea of an open road has captivated me very much so. Going on an endless journey with no limit on where you can stop is my definition of excitement. being that I am from an urbanized area (NYC), the open road as well as the tranquility of being outside of the city has called my name.

With the help of Roadtrippers, I’ve been planning out a roadtrip for the past two years.

Summer 2014 Overview | My new trip on!

Along with some friends, I’ll be traveling to places that I’ve never been and seeing sights I’ve never seen. This is all quite exciting.

The benefit of using Roadtrippers is that they also let you discover nearby attractions, sights and more right where you are driving. From a model Flintstones city to ghosts towns, it’s looking to be a pretty exciting trip. I had to break it down into legs just to handle all the stops.

Summer Roadtrip Westbound Leg 1 | My new trip on!

Big stops here include Washington DC, Nashville, St. Louis and Texas.

Summer Roadtrip Westbound 2 | My new trip on!

Summer Roadtrip Westbound Leg 2 | My new trip on!

Continuing on with Route 66, includes stops at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and up the coast of California to San Francisco.

Summer Roadtrip Eastbound Leg 1 | My new trip on!

Heading back east, stops at Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver and Topeka are to be expected.

Summer Roadtrip Eastbound Leg 2 | My new trip on!

The saddest part of the trip looks to include Des Moines, Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. After all that, it’s home sweet home. The car will need a rest.

Hopefully this is a prelude of many posts to come sharing with the world the adventure that has yet to come. Warning: lots of photos and American culture.

Thank you to Roadtrippers for the help! #dreamroadtrip