Web Development

The world of website and web development is expanding each and every day at an astounding rate. But there is a difference between Web Design and Web Development. The Design part is (at least in my opinion) the easiest part. Once you make a website from a PSD, it may get tricky. The Development and the coding part (PHP) in my case is difficult a lot of time time. It is the core of the website and it is what makes it dynamic to the user and not just static. A plain, old boring HTML file is in the past. I seldom see them any more. PHP is an amazing language to learn. It powers SO many of the worlds websites, including WordPress, MediaWiki, Joomla!, Drupal, ect. WordPress alone adds MILLIONS of websites. It powers SO may things (CNN, cNET, Fox, ABC, ect). They have an amazing network of people that support it as well. PHP is also thought to power Google as well (with Zend Optimizer to speed things up). If you want to start off with a programming language, that is the place to go.