Websites are Social

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The internet is growing at a lighthing fast pace. Web Applications come and go each day, and user accounts are often a large part of these applications. Making it easy for a user to signup for your website is often a difficult decision. Make another login for your user or allow your user to connect to your site with a Social Network.

The rise of social network logins have grown tremendiously. Facebook Connect is one option, with the familiar “Login with Facebook” button. Another option is the newer Twitter @Anywhere connect buttons popping up as well.

I for one is very happy to see this. It makes that Facebook connect button very familiar. But I also fear that this dependence upon Facebook Connect can be unsafe. Unless something else comes up, I really will stick with Facebook Connect, rather than just Twitter Anywhere. The Twitter Anywhere doesn’t really connect well with the SSI code. The back-end code has to setup to receive the oAuth tokens, while the @Anywhere is just different. Maybe it’s a confusion on my end…